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How to Use Matlab Code in WEB.API(or generally .NET)?

Hello guys,

Today I’m going to show you how to use Matlab code in any .Net platform such as Web.API, ASP.Net MVC, Console or WPF application.

Matlab, developed by MathWorks, has been using as a fourth generation programming language in computer science, especially academic world. You can write a complex calculation algorithm in a single code in Matlab, and that’s why Matlab is so popular in these sector. Furthermore, Matlab is more powerful, stable, reliable and faster then OpenCV or this kind of open source computer vision, neural network library. The major reason of this, Matlab is a commercial programming language for sure! 🙂 However, you may use Matlab under academic licence if your university has.

Anyway, let’s get started to build our WEB.API using Matlab code… Read more

How to Install VMware Workstation 12.1 on Windows 10

Hi guys,

Today I’m going to show you how to install VMware Workstation 12.1 on Windows 10.

As you might know, VMware is the most popular operating system virtualization software in the world. To be honest with you, I always prefer VMware to Microsoft Hyper-V,  Oracle VirtualBox or so. I almost tried every virtualization software for some reason, and all the time I got some stupid errors from them. Anyway, let’s start! Read more